Customer agrees and acknowledges the following terms and policies: All Sales Are Final. There are no refunds, no exchanges, no returns, no warranties, and no guarantees. You Jewelers & Boutique provides approximate estimations as to the quality, content, purity, and grade of all item(s) sold; but, cannot guarantee or warrant the exact quality, content, purity, or grade of any specific item(s) sold. All item(s) are sold in “as is” condition. No item(s) are being sold with any form of insurance, whatsoever. Customer acknowledges the responsibility to purchase their own insurance, at their own discretion, with an independent reputable insurance company. Customer acknowledges that all items were inspected and met customer’s specifications and expectations. Customer agrees to hold harmless You Jewelers & Boutique, Jonathan Matthew Flint, Susana Soto, and all other integrated businesses, partners, employees, independent contractors, vendors, and all other affiliates related or connected with You Jewelers & Boutique against all liabilities associated with this purchase/transaction. Customer acknowledges that all items contained in this receipt were received and taken into possession by customer in acceptable condition. All jewelry and watch repairs, maintenance, custom design, and services that are performed, provided, or processed by You Jewelers & Boutique have no warranties, are not insured, are not refundable, and are not guaranteed. In addition, Customer agrees and acknowledges that ALL jewelry that is sold or repaired by You Jewelers & Boutique requires regular maintenance and should be inspected by a certified gemologist/master goldsmith every 4-6 months depending on the frequency of wear at client’s discretion/expense. All layaway item(s) must be paid in full before customer can receive their item(s)/merchandise. All layaway payments are completely nonrefundable, and after a regular payment has not been made toward the balance after 90 days the item(s)/merchandise will then no longer be held and will be resold. You Jewelers & Boutique is not responsible for any items left for over 90 days. Customer acknowledges that ALL jewelry, diamonds, colored gemstones, and watches that are being sold/repaired by You Jewelers & Boutique are not being sold/repaired for investment purposes, whatsoever. In addition, You Jewelers & Boutique is a RETAIL sales institution, and does not function as a wholesale dealer to the general public.

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